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What does florist do?

Florist do

Flowers are undoubtedly one of the unique creations of God. Probably, God, himself wouldn’t have had any idea that flowers would be used for so many purposes. From getting married to being buried in the ground. These beautiful things really do play a very important role in human life.

Just the sight of the flower gives us happiness and some fragrances are really captivating. The common man knows only very few flowers that exist. But there are people who know a lot about flowers.

Flowers are not just things that used during celebrations and for fragrance purposes. Some people have made a career out of flowers. In today scenarios the flowers play a very vital role in the decorations. The flower decorations really elevate the spirit of celebrations.

People who are experts in decorating with flowers are called the florist. They arrange the flowers in such a manner that they attract everyone and make it more beautiful. They put a lot of effort into bringing out different designs with flowers.


What do they do?

The florist takes care of the overall flower arrangement which includes creating corsages, wreaths, bouquet, and centerpieces. It is not just flowers, and they also use other things like leaves and paper to come with new and attractive designs. The major work of the florist is making sure that the flower decoration in an event or a gathering is done perfectly.

The process

The florist first has discussions with their clients to get a clear picture of the client requirements. With one or two meeting they would be able to zero down what the client expects and their preferences. They offer various types of services in various price ranges. It is not just the designs that vary the cost of the flowers also varies from one another. Some of the common events where you can see the works of a florist are weddings, parties and in funerals.

Knowledge in depth

As people who run their business which is based on flowers, it is mandatory for them to have some good knowledge about flowers. They should be able to the point of the advantages and the disadvantages of everything that is available in their shop. A deep knowledge about color combinations and how it will appear during the particular time of the day are some of the most important that a florist should be able to provide.

It is also important to know which flower should be used for a particular occasion. Because the decorations are one of those things that set the mood on any occasion. Deciding on the wrong option has the possibility to spoil the whole event.


The shop

Generally, florists own separate shops where they sell flowers and bouquets. These shops have their designs displayed which helps the customers to get a clear picture of what they need. People can also customize things according to their needs. These shops do not just sell flowers and its related things, but they also have other things like baskets and greetings cards.

How do they work?

Most of the florist are self-employed. They are hired by people to provide the flower decorations at particular events. Some of them have tie-ups with the event management companies, and some with the venue.

Things a florist won’t tell you.


Every business has its secrets. It probably the unique factor that is making the profits. Any business owner will not let his secrets out. Whatever might the research that you put into it, it is very difficult to find a certain thing when it comes to business.

It might be anything. The technology that is involved, the financial matters, the network that they have or anything for that matter. Generally, if you take any business, there are certain things that are not revealed to the customers or the general public. It was, it is, and probably it will always be a secret. A florist is not an exception when it comes to this. At the end of the day, they also own a business. Here are some things that a florist won’t tell you.

The freshness factor

When anyone one buys a flower, there are few factors that we notice immediately. The color, fragrance and the freshness. Colour and fragrance are two things that the florist has not control. It is because these things cannot be altered. But the freshness is one thing that can be altered. Keeping the flowers in certain temperatures can keep the flowers fresh. Almost every flower shop restock on Mondays. They might claim the flowers are very fresh, but they are probably three to four days old.


They want a regular customer.

It is way better to put things as they will make you a regular customer. Being a regular customer out of loyalty or fondness is different. Becoming a regular customer because the need is different. They actually create the need for you to come again and again. They may claim that the flowers are fresh, but it may lose life in two days. So the demand is created to buy new ones again.

The use of preservatives

It not just in vegetables and food items that preservatives are being used. They are also used in flowers to stay fresh for a long time. The preservatives dealy the dying of the flowers to a very considerable amount of time. Unlike food, it does not affect our health, but the price that we are paying is inclusive of all these preservatives that are used.

The perfect arrangement of the petals

Not all of us, but some do take into account the minute things like the petal arrangements while buying a flower. If you just take a closer look the perfectly bloomed flower has a lot of petals cut down. This practice is to fake the freshness of the flower and at the same time to project a proper structure in the blooming of petals.


The Smell

In recent times have you felt that the flowers are not smelling properly? This is because of the use of chemicals and preservatives during the growth and also after cutting them from the plants. Your nose or any other factor has nothing to do with this.

The Compliments

Many flower shops give out a lot of complimentary things to attract customers and to improve their business. Most of the compliments that they gave are very cheap. They might look good, but this one of those stunts to impress the customers.

Why do people send flowers?

Sending Flower

The tradition of gifting flowers came into picture with the rise of valentines day and mother’s day where the men endearingly give their partners or their lovers with bouquets it is from this that the tradition of presenting flowers to a very special person came into picture nowadays people present flowers the chief guests during a birthday during a marriage etc, Flowers and another form of greeting card where the person since a flower which means something to the receiver and the receiver deduces what the flower means and finds comfort in the message passed on to them.

Here are some of the primary reasons why people send flowers to others.


Traditional reason.

One of the major reasons why flowers are sent to others is due to the tradition that is followed all around the world and thus followed by others without questioning as to why the flowers are sent, some of the major days this happens is during the Mother’s Day and the Valentine’s Day and sometimes even during marriages but each of these time if the people sincerely take the effort to find the flower that conveys the message that you want it conveyed to the receiver they are making a sincere effort to give the best that they can.

Easily available.

This is another reason why the flowers and gifted so often and now have become very common, they are available for anyone of us to buy in huge quantities at a very less price, and they match every occasion and there is no gender when you are presenting a person with a flower hence it makes it one of the best gifts that you can give to anyone, even though it’s available very easily and in huge quantity take a little bit of effort in order to gift the right kind of flower to the person whom you are sending it to.


Flowers the morale boosters.

It is said that when you gift a sad or an emotionally down person for a person who is depressed the flowers are said to get the person out of there emotional down,Sometimes the fragrance sometimes the shape of the flower sometimes the colour of the flower can brighten up the person’s mood and get him back to his normal state this is the reason why in many of the psychological Healing rooms you can find flowers which boost the morality of the person and get him back to the person he wants to be.

Beauty uncompromised.

Nobody in his normal mind in the world will tell that a bunch of flowers I really dirty to look at Whatever said and done the flowers still have a different appeal and the Captivate the mind of the receiver with color shape and fragrance, hence the idea of gifting flowers will never be lost.

There are many things that a flower sometimes conveys in a very open matter and sometimes in a very subtle manner It is up to us to conceive and understand what the flower is conveying

What are the occasions to send flowers


To many people giving a flower two person whom they love really has no specific time at which they can give to the particular person they will give flowers sometimes almost on a daily basis in order to convey the love that they have towards another person, two people who not really interested in these things here are a few times that you can give a flower to a particular person But when you are giving flowers on a particular occasion make sure that you are giving the right kind of flower on that particular occasion.

Here are a few occasions that you can give the flowers.

During the birthday.

This is one of the best time that you can give another person whom you really care about a flower or bouquet which conveys the meaning that you want to convey, but it is during this time that you will have to give not just a bunch of flowers which might look inappropriate but also give a personal note to the person.

Anniversary time

Anniversary time.

Anniversaries are the time when people recollect of the past incidents that they are celebrating about now and reminisce of the memories that they have gathered in the past but during this occasion make sure that give the right kind of flowers it possible for you to take a flower which signifies death to a marriage anniversary program, hence doing your research and then buying the flowers are the best way to give a bouquet during the time of the anniversary.

During mother’s day or Valentine’s Day.

This is another prominent time when you can bye flowers and gift it to your mother or to your lover, this is the time that most of us are prone to mess up make sure that you give the right kind of flowers to the person whom you love diligently and sincerely and not in a haphazard manner thus you can really make the other person happy at the end of the day.

During illness

Flowers during illness.

Flowers are one of the best gifts to be given to a person when they are sick as they will not be able to get out of there bed it is up to you to give a flower or bouquet bursting with life to the sick person and get their energy back, it is sometimes said by the doctors that when the patients received a bouquet they began to feel happy and they were immediately or sooner healed, thus the flowers can really cheer up a person when you are giving them a bouquet of flowers and brightening up their day.

During the passing of a loved one.

Nothing can show sympathy and concern and love as much as a flower can do, a flower can be one of the most important gifts that you give to a family during the time of their grieving. They are not completely back to normal sooner, but the flower can ease the mind of the person from the grief they are in and give them comfort during this time.