Sending Flower

Why do people send flowers?

The tradition of gifting flowers came into picture with the rise of valentines day and mother’s day where the men endearingly give their partners or their lovers with bouquets it is from this that the tradition of presenting flowers to a very special person came into picture nowadays people present flowers the chief guests during a birthday during a marriage etc, Flowers and another form of greeting card where the person since a flower which means something to the receiver and the receiver deduces what the flower means and finds comfort in the message passed on to them.

Here are some of the primary reasons why people send flowers to others.


Traditional reason.

One of the major reasons why flowers are sent to others is due to the tradition that is followed all around the world and thus followed by others without questioning as to why the flowers are sent, some of the major days this happens is during the Mother’s Day and the Valentine’s Day and sometimes even during marriages but each of these time if the people sincerely take the effort to find the flower that conveys the message that you want it conveyed to the receiver they are making a sincere effort to give the best that they can.

Easily available.

This is another reason why the flowers and gifted so often and now have become very common, they are available for anyone of us to buy in huge quantities at a very less price, and they match every occasion and there is no gender when you are presenting a person with a flower hence it makes it one of the best gifts that you can give to anyone, even though it’s available very easily and in huge quantity take a little bit of effort in order to gift the right kind of flower to the person whom you are sending it to.


Flowers the morale boosters.

It is said that when you gift a sad or an emotionally down person for a person who is depressed the flowers are said to get the person out of there emotional down,Sometimes the fragrance sometimes the shape of the flower sometimes the colour of the flower can brighten up the person’s mood and get him back to his normal state this is the reason why in many of the psychological Healing rooms you can find flowers which boost the morality of the person and get him back to the person he wants to be.

Beauty uncompromised.

Nobody in his normal mind in the world will tell that a bunch of flowers I really dirty to look at Whatever said and done the flowers still have a different appeal and the Captivate the mind of the receiver with color shape and fragrance, hence the idea of gifting flowers will never be lost.

There are many things that a flower sometimes conveys in a very open matter and sometimes in a very subtle manner It is up to us to conceive and understand what the flower is conveying