Florist do

What does florist do?

Flowers are undoubtedly one of the unique creations of God. Probably, God, himself wouldn’t have had any idea that flowers would be used for so many purposes. From getting married to being buried in the ground. These beautiful things really do play a very important role in human life.

Just the sight of the flower gives us happiness and some fragrances are really captivating. The common man knows only very few flowers that exist. But there are people who know a lot about flowers.

Flowers are not just things that used during celebrations and for fragrance purposes. Some people have made a career out of flowers. In today scenarios the flowers play a very vital role in the decorations. The flower decorations really elevate the spirit of celebrations.

People who are experts in decorating with flowers are called the florist. They arrange the flowers in such a manner that they attract everyone and make it more beautiful. They put a lot of effort into bringing out different designs with flowers.


What do they do?

The florist takes care of the overall flower arrangement which includes creating corsages, wreaths, bouquet, and centerpieces. It is not just flowers, and they also use other things like leaves and paper to come with new and attractive designs. The major work of the florist is making sure that the flower decoration in an event or a gathering is done perfectly.

The process

The florist first has discussions with their clients to get a clear picture of the client requirements. With one or two meeting they would be able to zero down what the client expects and their preferences. They offer various types of services in various price ranges. It is not just the designs that vary the cost of the flowers also varies from one another. Some of the common events where you can see the works of a florist are weddings, parties and in funerals.

Knowledge in depth

As people who run their business which is based on flowers, it is mandatory for them to have some good knowledge about flowers. They should be able to the point of the advantages and the disadvantages of everything that is available in their shop. A deep knowledge about color combinations and how it will appear during the particular time of the day are some of the most important that a florist should be able to provide.

It is also important to know which flower should be used for a particular occasion. Because the decorations are one of those things that set the mood on any occasion. Deciding on the wrong option has the possibility to spoil the whole event.


The shop

Generally, florists own separate shops where they sell flowers and bouquets. These shops have their designs displayed which helps the customers to get a clear picture of what they need. People can also customize things according to their needs. These shops do not just sell flowers and its related things, but they also have other things like baskets and greetings cards.

How do they work?

Most of the florist are self-employed. They are hired by people to provide the flower decorations at particular events. Some of them have tie-ups with the event management companies, and some with the venue.